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Welcome to Carla Savannah’s, Carla’s Realignments

Want more clarity and direction?

Want to manifest the life you desire?

Want to rid yourself of negative programming?

Want to advance your intuition to new heights?

Gain insight, awareness and understanding of multidimensional thinking! Find out what your Soul’s Blueprint says you are at a Soul level and raise your Soul's Vibrational Frequency!

Hi! I'm Carla Savannah. I'm the Author of 5 personal development Books and my background is within Professional Counselling and Parent Support. For Years I searched for a way to combine my Counselling with my passion for Natural Therapies until I finally found Soul Realignment which is a way of reading a Soul’s Akashic Records. 

Out of this amazing modality i've created my own unique Realignments focusing within the areas I’ most enjoy, Parenting, Personal Growth & Manifestation and Relationships.

I’m also the creator of 8 Selves Therapy which is a form of Intuitive Counselling designed to eliminate internal conflict and systematically raise consciousness levels, so that you can create a strong and consistent connection with your Higher Self. 

My Therapies help:

- create a stronger connection to your Higher Self

- gain knowledge and clarity of spiritual concepts

- create BIG Shifts and Transformation

- create Change and New Beginnings

- accelerate your manifesting skills

- gain stronger decision making skills

- ability to clear blocks and restrictions

- improve Energy and Vitality

and so much more…..

I'm passionate about transformation and seeing results! 

I CAN’T accept all clients as this work is very intense and not suitable for some people. If I feel I'm not the best Healer for you I will point you in the right direction to make sure you get the help you need.

If you’re interested in checking whether I’m able to do a Realignment or 8 Selves Therapy with you email me in "Contact Carla”. 

Realign to your Higher Self and live a Soul inspired life.

To your infinite abundance,

Carla Savannah

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about Soul Blocks

An interview about Carla’s Realignments 

by the amazing Rose Monaco from An inside job podcasts

In this interview Carla discusses the Akashic Records, Dimensions, Carla’s Books, Carla’s Realignments and so much more!! 

Listen to Rose’s Podcast interview with Carla here!

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