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What is the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is an information super highway or field of energy that “records” every single thought, action and feeling past, present and future of all of existence. Like an icloud encyclopedia or internet of the SOUL, full of data about everything and everyone that exists.

Some people say that we aren’t meant to access these records, But do you really believe that there is some sort of sadistic God consciousness out there that just threw us into this experiment without any purpose or a map, just so they can laugh at us trying to figure this all out?

I invite you to open your mind. The Akashic Records is actually a gift to us like a roadmap or google. This information field of consciousness is evolving and expanding all the time powered by us. We are contributing to the evolution of this information field through our experiences and choices on a daily basis. All of existence shares knowledge in this field. Past, present and future possibilities. So why wouldn’t we be allowed to access this "Map" for the benefit of all. Soul Realignment Course is a way of learning how to raise your consciousness through accessing the Akashic Records in a structured and organised way so simple to learn, my children could do it.

Before doing the Soul Realignment Course I wondered whether the information I was getting was genuine and struggled with fully accessing my intuitive abilities. Since opening up my Soul Realignment business life has changed so positively that’s it’s hard to recognise who I once was. My ability to manifest what I want into my life has been supercharged and I truely feel as though I’m finally living my Soul Purpose. I highly recommend this Course to anyone ready to make some serious consciousness shifts.

Akashic Records Practitioner Course

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