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Carla's Blog

The Purpose for the Universe and You, and why LOVE is not the ultimate goal

Posted on August 7, 2019 at 9:00 PM

Briefly consider the big bang theory. One Atom exposed to the right conditions exploded into many particles. Then the particles formed groups and began to vibrate together in patterns. Through trial and error, these groups of patterns eventually formed stars, galaxies, planets, and eventually bacteria and cells that evolved into, us today. If you’re interested in reading Scientific theories of the beginning of time, read the trilogy My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell.

There are mathematical codes and patterns all around you. Out of the chaos of this explosion came order and organization of these cells. You could say the universe became conscious of its ability to create through the forming and experimenting of cells and matter. This is evident even within you.

We started off as an egg and sperm. The egg being the ideal environment for the sperm’s potential. Then they become one cell which began to divide and multiply until one group of cells formed a heart, the other group formed a liver, some formed lungs and presto here you are as the HUMAN today. You are a universe of cells within a universe of cells, that are becoming conscious of their ability to create and function as a whole organism. All the cells in your body function as a hive mind just like bees and ants do to create cities. From the micro world of creators to the macro world of creators.

In conclusion what’s the purpose of the universe?

Number 1 is to expand.

Number 2 to form order, a functioning organized organism of cells.

Number 3 for this organism to become conscious of itself and its ability to create patterns, in order to create more organisms.

So that it can pollinate, explore and expand out even further to other planets, universes and galaxies.

So if creating a self-conscious organism for the purpose of expansion is the ultimate purpose, then how do we create this as a species? By having laws, rules, roles, order, virtues, unity, harmony, Love and peace. By moving towards creating a Hive Mind just like Bees and Ants. Religions tried to do this but failed. Do you know why Religions and Countries with hierarchy keep failing at this? Because rather than encouraging individuals to become conscious of their own power and ability to create, they’ve created a hierarchy where a group of humans had to rely on one entitled person for guidance, and we all know, all it takes is one cancer cell to consume an entire organism. This is a fear-based, dysfunctional organism the breaks down the potential in individual cells rather than helping individuals evolve their potential. This is the complete opposite of expansion and creation. This would be imploding and deconstructing.

Our future evolution depends on us becoming conscious individual cells. Able to fulfil our unique potential as well as functioning as a whole organism in order to grow together also. So how do we do this as individuals?

Your Individual Purpose is to expand, evolve and create. Exactly the same at the Universe only on a smaller scale. Whatever allows you to do this to your greatest degree is what you should be doing. By expressing yourself as honestly and authentically on a daily basis, expressing who you really are at a Soul level into your human experience. Honoring yourself as an individual and the role you play within this bigger organism. A happy person doesn’t feel the need to take anything from others. How can you get into full alignment with your individual highest path and purpose? Consider having a Soul Realignment.

The universal challenge now is to find ways of connecting us all in a way that empowers individuals as well as the human hive mind. The universe is already attempting to connect us through modern technology and internet. It’s what we will do with it that will count. So you see, LOVE is just a stepping stone to bringing us all together for CONSCIOUSNESS, CREATION and EXPANSION. But Love alone is NOT the final goal.

By Carla Savannah

Categories: Consciousness, Self Development

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