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Past Lives, Reincarnation and why we don't remember.

Posted on October 6, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Think for a moment. There was originally one cell that started all life as we know it. Everything came from that one original Source of energy. We are an individual unit of this expansion of source energy. Source is getting to know and understand itself through us getting to know and understand ourselves. As we become self realised, Source who we are a part of is becoming self aware. (Read my entry 'The purpose for the Universe and you')

The way we do this is by reincarnating over and over again into different perspectives. The more we experience and discover the more information and data we gather the more variety of vibrations we are able to hold and understand. A little like a computer through our experiences we are downloading as much information as possible so we are able to decode and run more programs.


Every thought, every emotion and every experience holds a vibrational pattern or frequency. These vibrations are recorded in our energy field, there to be accessed by us at any time. So when we physically die these vibrations exist in our energy field’s memory system, dormant and able to be reactivated regardless of which lifetime. Only our physical body dies but our field of energy or Soul if you will, goes on reincarnating for further learning experiences for the purpose of further expansion and self-realization.


Our Soul uses all these past experiences as a blueprint of which to build upon. Based on past experiences our Soul then knows what perspective it would like to experience next. However, we choose not to remember our past lives for a good reason. For example: If we had heard of someone who’s child passed away, we may be able to remain detached from the situation. But if under the same circumstances were we to have our own child and we witnessed our child’s traumatic death right in front of our eyes then we would have a completely different experience of this event.

The difference is that if it’s not happening to us we’re not fully immersed in the experience then we may not learn or pick up the full vibrational frequency of that experience. Experiencing something in the first person rather than the third person perspective gives us direct access to that vibrational experience. When we are extremely emotionally attached to an outcome there is much more potential for growth. This way we have the opportunity to experience the full perspective of this lifetime. Therefore, being distracted by knowing all past lives at the same time wouldn’t serve our expansion, and the purpose for reincarnation would be non-exsistant. We chose to forget our past lives when we came into this incarnation for this reason.


Past lives serve the purpose of knowing what we’ve learnt so far, what experiences we carry in our memory bank and what we now need to build upon, but it should not be the sole focus when moving towards our future. Learning about our past lives is helpful merely to assist or move us through an old vibration that we may still have some resistance towards. See a past life resistance as a small glitch in our system that's stopping us from running to our fullest potential. The purpose for past life regressions is to help us shift into new higher vibrational states, NOT keep us in the old states. We must always focus on our current vibrational state in order to evolve and expand. We can’t move forward while still looking behind us.

By Carla Savannah

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