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Carla's Blog

Why Relationships are so important

Posted on November 24, 2019 at 1:00 AM

Relationships are incredible tools for growth. Where else would you see a strong Man broken down to vulnerability but by the Woman he Loves. What breaks a Woman's heart more than the lack of attention from her Husband.


Centuries ago Relationships were necessary for the survival of our species. Men worked to bring home the bacon because they were bigger and stronger. Women stayed home because they had the children and were the nurturer. Each played their role. These days the roles have been blurred since Women can make just as much money and Men can be just as nurturing. The need from a relationship is no longer a NEED. Now people are choosing Relationships out of desire for companionship and love not for survival. Relationships need to be more deep and meaningful these days.


Relationships challenge us to become more than just self-gratifying humans. Our desire to connect with others is so great, it’s what compels us to post on facebook, seek likes and interaction with complete strangers all over the world. We created the Internet as a universal language to connect us all. When that basic need to connect with another human fails, normally at a young age through lack of it, we try to convince ourselves that we don’t need anyone and that we are better off alone. However, this wasn't the way we were born, we are born reaching out for connection. And children who don't get that actually can die of failure to thrive. If you had the absolute ideal and perfect partner for you, the one of your dreams would you REALLY choose to stay alone?


If you lock yourself away and pretend these emotions or desires to connect don’t exist, you deprive yourself from the growth that you can get by facing the challenges you would interacting with others. Spiritually you would get more growth from facing relationship challenges than being alone without any challenges. Relationships are the best place for growth. They force you to look in the mirror and really question who you are and what you have to offer another, or the world. Relationships reflect back to us our best qualities and our worst qualities. Hiding away won't help you grow. What a gift it is to be part of this playground of a variety of personalities. Have fun getting to know each other. Let's evolve together. Be the Co-operative Co-creators we were designed to be as a Social Species.

By Carla Savannah

Categories: Self Development, Relationships

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