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Carla's Blog

My Unexpected encounter with a Demon

Posted on January 17, 2020 at 12:40 AM

One of the scariest experiences of my life was coming face to face with a Succubus. I’ve had many experiences with Entities growing up but the unexpected encounter with a Demon Succubus at the age of 18 by far tops the lot.


I was in bed, which was right by the window on a hot summers night, lying on top of the sheets with next to nothing on trying to cool down. I made the rare decision to leave the window wide open with only the fly screen to protect me. Being very conscious of the dangers of break in if I was going to sleep with the window open I chose to leave my bedroom door open also in case I needed to run. My Father was in the Lounge room watching TV and I could see the TV light from my room, that’s how close he was.


In my sleepy daze as I was just nodding off I suddenly heard a bang on the fly screen. I only had enough time to open my eyes and look over when I saw a black shadowy figure jump through screen, I felt it scrawl quickly over my bed to the door, slammed the door shut tight and then within microseconds jumped back on top of me. It had the stereotypical horns and the scariest laser red eyes. It came nose to nose with me, its face and eyes seemed to suffocate me, it pushed its whole dark energy body against my body, I felt as though I was sinking into my bed, unable to breath. I tried to scream but I felt as though the scream wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I was terrified thinking that’s it I’m dead here and no one will notice.


Suddenly my Father barges into my room, he opened the door and turned on the light. The figure disappeared and I ran into my Dad’s arms crying, shaking and my heart felt like it was going to come out of my mouth. My Dad said “What happened, I heard you trying to give out a muffled scream like someone had their hands over your mouth or strangling you??” I tried to explain what I saw and the words couldn’t come out of my mouth. My Dad then said “Why the hell would you sleep with the window open and not leave the door open?” to which I replied “I DID LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!! That thing closed the door before it attacked me!”


Suffice to say that I never EVER slept with a window open overnight ever again. I made it a point for the rest of my life to raise my energy enough that I would no longer be a match to such a horribly negative draining of life energy.

By Carla Savannah - Carla's Realignments

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