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Breastfeeding Counselling

Hi Mums, I'm an experienced Breastfeeding Counsellor with various courses around Parenting Support, Women’s Empowerment, Child development and Birthing assistance. Having worked for various Government Departments supporting Women with Post Natal Depression, Post Natal Anxiety and having children of my own I understand the challenges faced by Mum’s on a daily basis. A short phone or messenger consultation with me can help clarify your expectations around breastfeeding and provide you with some tools and information on how to create a positive breastfeeding experience for yourself and your baby.

What does a Breastfeeding Counsellor do?

* Helps with latch and positioning

* Helps solve breastfeeding problems

* Provides emotional support and allows mum to be heard

* Provides education and information about breastfeeding

* Empowers the Mum to achieve her desired goals around breastfeeding

The benefits of Breastfeeding

·Breastfed babies are healthier

·Contains imunities to aid a healthier digestive system

·Is more easily digested and helps pass meconium

·Reduces the risk of SIDS, bowel disease, allergies, Asthma, childhood cancers, breast cancer, dental cavities, obesity, osteoporosis, UTi’s and Multiple Sclerosis

·Is comforting and soothing forbaby

·Promotes bonding with baby

·Meets full nutritional needs for baby up until 6 months

·Is cost effective

·Breastfed babies have a higher IQ

·Helps with baby’s speech development

·Strengthens babies facial muscles

·Stools don’t smell as unpleasant

·Helps mum lose weight

·Helps mum’s uterus contract back to size

·Reduces the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis in mum

·Reduces the risk of Post Natal Depression and Post Natal Anxiety

·Is a natural contraceptive

·Is always at the right temperature and readily available

·Amount and composition adapts to the babies needs

·Contains chemicals that suppress pain endorphins

·It’s a natural antibiotic for wounds

and more ………

Let's not overlook the importance of Baby Body Language

Babies can’t communicate with words so they use other ways to express themselves. Usually by the time a baby starts to cry they have already given various signals or cues to express their wants, needs or feelings of distress. Picking up on these cues before it turns into a cry is essential for raising a happy baby and creating a fulfilling parenting experience with minimal stress for both mother and baby.

Knowing some basic universal cues/signs along with learning your baby’s individual expressions can help you meet your baby’s needs quicker. I can also help identify what to look out for and teach a few ways to understand what your baby is trying to communicate with it's body language before you become frustrated or overwhelmed.

If you are interested in booking in a phone or messenger call please use the 'Contact Carla' option and email me to arrange a time. While I don't charge for my breastfeeding support, i do ask for a donation for my services. Please use the Donate button below to give a donation. Thank you kindly, Carla