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Exchanging Energy

15 March 2020

Intimacy with someone can be a GREAT tool, for good health, wealth and especially when it comes to manifesting. Here's Why!

Energetically wise it’s important to know what’s going on during intimacy. Whether we like it or not during intimacy the Woman is the receiver and the Man is the giver. During intimacy it’s an agreement from the Woman saying “I am willing to allow you into me, I’m open to receiving what you have to offer.”

So imagine now the Man is approaching the connection with tiredness, anger, resentment, obligation or any other negative emotion. Guess what he’s going to be putting into the Women, that’s right all those negative emotions will be released into the woman for her to have to process. 

Women are just as powerful because we have a strong connection with our 4D emotional body we also have the ability to send powerful emotions towards our partner’s Etheric body which becomes intensified by our emotional state within Intimacy. The very act of a Woman having an orgasm is a way of her sucking and draining the Energy from the Man!

Therefore, what you are both feeling towards each other before you approach intimacy and during sex can have a great influence on each other’s emotions health and vitality. If you are having a negative energy exchange you could be hurting each other unknowingly. 

However, if the intimacy is exchanged in a very vulnerable way with loving intentions it can be a very strong and empowering opportunity to heal each other. Technically no one should feel drained after energising Sex. 

As you know most of the time men feel extremely drained after sex because they are releasing all their energy, it’s the woman’s hope that they are releasing all this positive energy. Sex is the human’s closest version of becoming One.

Angry Sex will attract more anger and resentment. Belittling Sex always puts one partner in a power position. Tired Sex will inevitably attract more tiredness. Sex out of obligation will attract more obligation and responsibility towards the person feeling like they have to do it like a chore and so on....

So how do you power up your life with Sex? How do you use this grounding tool to create a better relationship? Try to start approaching Sex with a more open and positive attitude, be careful what you reinforce, especially if you’re wanting to improve your relationship.

- Carla's Realignments

Understanding Karma

15 March 2020

Sadly, most people don’t understand how Karma works and use it to explain why bad things happen to themselves or others. In reality Karma is so much more complex than this and it can actually be more liberating than you think.

No matter what you are doing every minute of the day you are making choices, be it to sit on the couch, eat a certain food, ignore someone, overwork, everything you do. There is an energy behind every choice you make. 

For example imagine a friend asks you to meet up for a coffee when you really don’t feel like it yet you say yes because you feel obligated to. That sense of obligation will attract more situations into your life where you feel more of a sense of obligation.

The world is a physical mirror projection of what you choose. Karma simply turns your choices into a consequence right in front of your face simply so you can physically see what you are manifesting or creating.

The great news about this is that Karma serves us beautifully when we make positive choices especially if they are based around our personal Soul’s gifts of expressing itself. Karma, in this case actually becomes highly protective of us! Making positive choices around our Divine self-expression essentially puts us in a very safe Karmic bubble where the universe will reflect back to us endless possibilities without getting a scratch on us.

Now I know what the next question is that you will ask, why does someone manifest abuse or an illness. To answer this, the Karma playing out needs to be looked at deeper into either family genetic choices, past life patterns or the collective consciousness/thinking which a child is born into. The less ability someone has to make choices for themselves the more susceptible they are to people around them influencing their choices. 

Ultimately they weren’t able to make many choices for themselves. Therefore, they end up living out the Negative Unjust Karma that isn’t necessarily theirs. Ultimately the sooner a person has the opportunity to take control over their own choices the sooner they are able to create Positive Karma for themselves.

Have you ever wondered why some people can do the craziest things and they just seem to always get away with it. These people have generated and accumulated a lot of Positive Karma. Remember that if you can’t see a pattern then it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a pattern there present. Essentially we are living inside the very system we are trying to understand. It would be impossible for a fish to explain what Water looks like.

So often you hear people say when something negative happens “Oh I must have attracted this” or “They must have attracted what they got” But you rarely see someone pat themselves on the back and say when something positive happens “Yay Me!! I created that!” It’s great that a person takes responsibility for their choices because this is where the key to their power lies. But the important distinction is to shift out of the pattern on Victimization to Karma, rather use it to empower you. It’s not your fault it’s your right to create the life you want through choice.

Once we become conscious of this, life becomes a joyful experience where we are no longer afraid of what can happen to us. Accumulate and stay in the flow of Positive Karma and the universe will go out of its way to protect you and give you everything you desire.

By Carla’s Realignment’s

Are you carrying someone else's Karma?

15 March 2020

Believe it or not you can actually carry Karma that’s NOT yours. This is called Unjust Karma. Then you start attracting issues based on the Karma you are carrying of another, which totally sucks! This is something I look for within my Realignments.

Unjust Karma is exactly that, It’s UNJUST! It happens when someone takes the responsibility or self blame for an event that may have taken place when it wasn’t really their fault. When a Soul thinks they’ve played some part in the creating of an event, they carry the guilt or shame vibration of deserving to pay for the Karmic consequences of another person’s actions or choices.

A person may think that maybe if they did something differently they could have prevented an experienced outcome. As a result they continue to feel responsible over the situation, even though they may have not even been able to stop it. Eg: In the case of abuse of a child a Mother may self blame because she wasn’t there to protect her child. She will carry the Unjust Karma of Self blame even though it wasn’t her who did it.

A person carrying UNjust Karma may find that they always hold themselves accountable or responsible for everyone’s mistakes, causing them to become victim to their own martyrdom. Yet they take on the responsibility for this Karma and attract repetitive patterns around this in all lifetimes as a way of constantly punishing themselves for this memory.

Holding onto Unjustified Karma makes a person constantly cautious about decision making. They will lack trust in their own choices and procrastinate out of fear of constantly making the wrong decisions. This causes feelings of stuckness without the ability to achieve any goals until this Karma is understood and removed.

Unjust Karma is easily cleared within my Realignments. Do you know whether your Soul is carrying the blame for another Soul? Find out what happened to you in a past life to cause unnecessary Karma that could be stopping you from creating the life you desire. ~ Carla’s Realignments

Is Free Will really going to change the World?

15 March 2020

Part of choosing to be human in lower 3D density IS to have free will. We chose to experience ourselves as physical beings, to be seperate from Source so that we could experience freedom. And part of being free is to have free will and choice. The higher up the Dimensions we go, the closer to Source, therefore the less free will we have.

When we are operating from a place of connection with Source choices are made by a shared mind not individual mind. Can you now understand why you chose to experience being a human? You wanted to experience free will through uniqueness and individuation. Something you couldn’t experience when you were one with Source.

Here’s another good thing to know. Remember I teach that the higher your vibration rate you go the more powerful a manifestor you become, this is because there is more power when making a decision with a collective. The more energy or people working towards a common goal the faster the goal is achieved. Co-creation at its best.

Like bees and ants have a HIVE mind when they work together they create colonies. This is the same for spirit World. The more you work within the collective mind/consciousness going towards an intent, the faster it will manifest as opposed to a seperate individual working on their own against the collective.

Here in lies the secret to changing the world. Rather than being so focused on fighting for your free will, trying to be seperate from the collective consciousness, why not influence the collective consciousness from within. Become one with the hive mind, get others on board with your intention and change the World together.

They make you believe that if you become a part of the collective mind you won’t be free at all and you will lose an individual mind but that’s not true! Remember one cancer cell can kill off a whole body. There’s more power in numbers. You can have both individuality and be part of the collective and if you’re going to change the World it’s not going to be from the outside in, it’s going to be from the inside out.

Do you really think that allowing everyone to be free to do whatever they want is going to create a more peaceful World? What is no one paid attention to stop signs and road rules because they have "Free choice"? Being free will not bring you closer to Oneness! Being free is the choice you made to move away from Source.

Like the prodigal son you are now trying to find your way back home with the whole world trying to convince you that by going home you will no longer be an individual. If you are part of a respectful cooperative home you can have individuality as well as family all at the same time.

- Carla’s Realignments

False Guidance Vs Useful Guidance from Spirit

15 March 2020

A common question i get asked is "How do i know whether i'm getting Good Guidance from Spirit or Negative Guidance from random Entities?"

Here are some ways to differentiate between Good Guidance and False Guidance.

Negative/False guidance

- Feels negative, cold or prickly

- is Fear based

- is constantly changing

- encourages unreachable goals

- is Guilt based eg: “Hurry up or you’ll miss out you idiot”

- Focuses on past hurts or future worries

- Tells you you don’t deserve to be happy

- Makes you feel like a victim or weak

- Makes you compete with others

- Delays your changes or growth, by telling you to put it off till later eg: “You need to do another course” “Do it when the kids grow up” “You’re not ready” “you’re not good enough yet”

- Thinking of the outcome from the guidance makes you feel anxious

- smell smoke or an off rotten smell in the nose

- get a bad or bitter taste in the mouth

- get a sharp pain in the head

- will shame you or make you feel like you don’t deserve it or opposition will tell you how much better you are than everyone else all with the purpose of creating separation.

True/Positive Guidance

- Is consistent same today as yesterday

- Feels like a warm hug

- Has a calm and wise tone and uses minimal words

- Gives reachable goals

- Is empowering and confidence building without putting you above others or making you sound more special than others

- Values equality of all so guidance won’t only be self serving, guidance will benefit all involved

- Love based, Heart Based

- Is instant

- just a gentle suggestion or inspiration and isn’t attached to your decisions thereafter

- Focused on the present and now

- Makes you feel as though you are deserving of happiness

- Thinking of the outcome of the guidance makes you feel good and peaceful

- Can get a scent of flowers in your nose

- Can get a sweet or pleasant taste in your mouth

- Is not pushy, threatening or critical

- Asks how are we the same

Remember with any Guidance you receive it's always good to remain discerning and sceptical. Consistently ask yourself "Is this information useful?", keep a note book of all guidance you've received and if over a period of 3-6 months the information you have received proves to be useful then you can safely assume you are getting positive assistance from the other side. 

You can help yourself filter out any Negative energy by simply saying "I request only the assistance from beings with the highest and best intentions towards myself and for the good of all involved". Furthermore, if you think you may have received a message that isn't of good energy simply say "You are not my thought form leave now!"

- Carla’s Realignments

Unexplained Fear of Abandonment?

15 March 2020

An overwhelming feeling of Sadness or Fear of being alone explained by a past or present life regression.

I often noticed my daughter experiencing extreme fear around being left alone and especially in the dark. Me being an Akashic Records reader of course I had to investigate. Right there in her Soul’s Records as clear as daylight I was reminded of the fact that she was a twin.

You see I had totally forgotten about the miscarriage I had while I was pregnant with both of them. I miscarried at exactly 12 weeks what would have been her twin brother or sister. I was in pain and bleeding when I went in for my twelve week scan expecting to see another loss to my surprise the Sonographer said “oh you have had a miscarriage of this baby here, but look there’s another one there live and well.” The Doctor told me to take it easy over the next few days in order to help support the existing one.

Furthermore it was revealed in her Akashic Records that in fact it was going to be my only Son being born with here and these two Souls had agreed to incarnate together, but at the last minute the other Boy Soul pulled out of the incarnation process and left who is my youngest Baby Girl today alone in the dark womb to fend for herself. Hence her fear of abandonment, loneliness and the Dark, creating obvious sadness and frustration that seems sometimes inexplicable.

This is why it’s so beneficial being able to access our own Akashic Records or Soul's Records for the purpose of self understanding and self healing. If you're wanting to learn how to read your own Akashic Records check out this free seminar to see if this type of therapy is right for you.

- Carla’s Realignments

Paranormal Forgetfulness

15 March 2020

This is an interesting phenomenon that happens when you’ve experienced something that was out of the regular order of things and got a brief glimpse outside of this Matrix but then your forget it soon after.

You see because we are part of a well organised system whenever something out of the ordinary happens, that event is perceived as virus or glitch in the code of the system. 

The system then works quickly to correct the glitch and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When you witness a paranormal event you will notice that you start to forget, people will try to convince you it didn’t happen, even you will try to convince yourself it didn’t happen until the memory finally disappears and you then desire to experience it again and again.

Prophets needed to perform Miracles over and over again until people maintained awareness long enough to maintain a memory of the paranormal event. Like the 100th Monkey Theory. In primitive times these types of miracles were needed to awaken people because humans weren’t intelligent enough to connect Science, Maths, Psychological, Quantum Energy with the metaphysical World. They had to assume that there was Super powers for only a select few. Which isn’t true but that’s another conversation all together.

So stay alert, when you have a paranormal experience or experience a glitch in the system that triggers you to awaken, DON’T GO BACK TO SLEEP! Stay conscious and watch the universe reveal more of its secrets to you. Consider it an upgrade to your Individual System.

By Carla Savannah

The reset button

15 March 2020

Do you ever have those mornings were everything just seems to go wrong like a snowball effect. You just know your going to have a bad day.

Well this way of thinking actually becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Why is it that some people are able to recover from a few challenging or unfortunate events and others struggle with moving on to have a better day?

The answer is the “reset button”. 

Some people are able to spill some milk and instead of crying over it they stop for a moment, compose their emotions, reset, clean it up and go on to have a good day. They stop the snowball before it rolls out of control. I’ve noticed that some of the best tennis players in the world have the ability to press the reset button quickly and often. 

When a player is about to serve within a tennis game, they get 30 seconds to compose themselves, even footy players get 30 seconds to line up for their goal kick. They bounce the ball a few times to bring their focus back, get present and neutralise their emotions. In a game where you can be your own worst enemy all you need is 30 seconds to reset and change the energy of the game.

So next time something happens to make you lose your focus or test your emotions, don’t cry over spilt milk. Slow down, take a moment and Press the “Reset button” for 30 seconds, regain composure and tell yourself “I won’t allow this to ruin my day, I’m in control of how I choose to see my day” and make it your best day ever. 

Use the reset button as many times as you need to throughout the day. You may find yourself needing it less and less over time.

By Carla Savannah

Manifesting is like gathering a Ball of sand.

14 February 2020

A ball of sand is made up of many grains of sand, gathered and pressed together to make a ball. You who created the ball was the one who made the conscious decision to create that ball. Then all you have to do is choose where you want to through it. Once released wherever it lands it returns to its separated state of many grains of sand again ready to be gathered once more.

Manifesting is no different. You as the conscious Creator gathers your energy like an internal ball of sand. Once the energy that you’ve accumulated is big enough to create a ball of energy then you set an intention or direction you want to send your energy ball towards and you release it out to the Universe, creating a ripple in the field of consciousness. 

Once it’s done it’s job and achieved it’s intended outcome, it gets absorbed back into the field ready for you to accumulate and create another ball of energy.

If you keep sending these balls of energy out in the same direction or with the same intention over and over again pretty soon the ripple effect is so strong that the field cannot ignore you. It has to respond accordingly. If your energy ball is big enough and if your focus is intense enough the Universe has to react and give you what you ask for.

The problem is that so many lack all the basic steps of creating. They don’t know how to gather energy, they don’t know how to hold a focused intention for long enough or worse, they don’t believe that they are creators of their own experience or even believe in their own deserving to create. Most lack the knowledge and self-discipline to Manifest their hearts desires.

And this is why I’m so passionate about the Realignments I offer! I want you to Manifest everything that you want into your life. Go to the beach and consciously start practicing your manifesting skills, start by creating amazing balls of sand.

With Love

Carla’s Realignments

The 7 not so deadly sins

15 January 2020

We all have different ways of getting motivated. Each of the 7 Deadly sins are a form of motivation for our survival. As much as we would love to ignore our physical existence and stay in la la land we can’t, Because we chose to have this physical experience. So, I invite all to have a different perspective on what our desires can do for us.

These so called sins are part of our Human experience. They are the needs of the Ego. If you are familiar with my description of the Ego you will remember that the Ego actually appoints itself as the Governor of our physical experience. The Ego’s job is to keep your physical body safe and thriving. So what’s the best way to do this, obviously to cater to your physical needs. The 7 Deadly sins provide the perfect motivation for your physical body to survive.

Let’s look at the purpose of the 7 Deadly sins or desires of the Ego:

- Pride and Entitlement makes sure that we look after ourselves and strive to look after those we love

- Sloth and Laziness ensures that we stop or avoid ourselves getting burnt out

- Envy and Anger helps to ensure that we fight towards keeping things fair

- Gluttony and Greed makes sure that we are getting enough of what we need and strive for more to avoid stagnation

- Lust is what makes us humans procreate and reproduce to ensure the survival of our species

So are these so bad??

Our Higher Self may not have the need for any of the above desires, But if we want our Ego to co-operate with our Higher Self’s desires it merely needs to cater to the Ego’s desires as a form of motivation. There doesn’t need to be a battle between the Higher Self and the Ego. We just need to find ways to appeal to both parts of ourselves, By looking at both the needs of the HS and the needs of the Ego as co-operating together towards one common goal, not working against each other. And here in lies one of the secrets to manifestation.

By Carla Savannah

What role do you play in your relationships?

14 February 2020

Lots of us have high expectations of our partners, friends and family. Demanding that they just know what to do or do what we want without us having to ask. But what if it’s not in their nature to do what we want of them?

Let me explain. Some Women get upset at their partner for not having the initiative to organise a date night or a family holiday. Yet she is quite capable of organising this exactly the way she wants it. She wants to force her passive, non action oriented partner to do something that he doesn’t have the creative initiative to do. Likewise you might see a partner who wants to organise a camping trip or fishing day with a partner who hates doing outdoor activities and exercise!

Some things just aren’t in the other person’s nature to do. Why ask someone to write a book when they never liked writing, why ask an atheist to go to church, why force a man who likes independence and freedom to have kids, why force someone who is a follower into the position of a Leader, why make your Mother watch your kids if it’s stressful for all involved? Sure it’s always good to test our limits and change but who are we to decide that for another person?

Some play the passive role in the relationship and some the more controlling one in the relationship. That’s just a role that we play in order to keep a relationship balanced. Accepting ours and our partners strengths and weaknesses makes up part of accepting our roles within relationships. Not forcing the other to be something that they are not is the most unconditionally loving thing you can do. Furthermore, it forces you to observe what ARE the traits and qualities of the other that you can utilise.

For example with my children if I need a birthday card made I’ll ask my creative child, if I need something cleaned properly I’ll ask my little perfectionist, if I want an object opinion I’ll ask my intellectual wise one. I’ll employ them for their strong qualities not make them do something against their nature so they constantly feel like they will fail at whatever I ask them to do.

So how are you accepting of your role within your relationships? How are you nurturing the roles that others play within their interactions with you? Are you setting them up for failure or setting them up for feeling successful within their interactions with you?

By Carla’s Realignments

Feeling empty, lonely or disconnected? Here's why...

14 February 2020

It’s important to note that you can only perceive within others what you have experienced yourself. We see the world through our own perceptual reality. We give the World traits that we understand and tend to not have the capacity to see the traits we don’t understand. That’s our personal frame of reference. 

For example: If parenting is not where your joy is then spending time in mother’s groups will be boring and dissatisfying. If we’ve never had children it may be far from our emotional understanding the best you can do is hope to intellectualise it.

Now when it comes to our Soul’s Divine Gifts, we desire to be seen, understood, acknowledged or accepted especially for our Creative genius. We also love to observe others in their Creative Genius, that’s why we watch sports games, singing and dancing performances, go to art shows and more. 

The problem is that these days we have a tendency towards spending a lot of time with people who don’t see our Creative genius, in essence we are not being seen for who we are. In Quantum physics the observer effect says that simply by observing something we influence the outcome.

When we are NOT being seen for who we really are especially within relationships, we get disheartened and switch off or suppress our genius in order to conform to what others expect of us. We lose the inspiration to be ourselves! Being ourselves is threatening to the other person’s comfort Zone. 

So, we try to rope them along in the hope that they will see us but we are just too far outside of their vibrational field. If we tolerate being unseen in relationships and we distort ourselves in order to relate to others, we pack ourselves away and never come out to play. It will feel like you and your loved ones are living in 2 completely different worlds.

Spending time with people who are unable to see us and witness us as we are, we are actually limiting ourselves in our own creativity. When we don’t spend time with people who have the capacity to see us or observe us in our niche expressing our divine gifts we start to feel lonely and disconnected, believing that no one will ever understand or accept us. This leads to apathy and depression. 

It becomes most painful when this happens within our own home. We expect that at least Family should be able to really SEE and accept us as we are. Family, who spends the most time with us should be the ones that really know us. 

So, when they act as though they don’t this creates a huge sense of disconnection. So, it’s important to connect with people who have the ability to see us in our creative genius in order to avoid losing the inspiration to be ourselves.

By Carla Savannah