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Customer Testimonials

Dear Carla, thank you for all your valuable insights. I found my soul Blueprint profile reading to be extremely enlightening and mind-blowing. It came at the perfect time when I was feeling low and frustrated; and beginning to question many things in my life. Carla was very accurate in describing certain character traits and issues I struggle with in this lifetime, and I gained a new level of awareness and clarity, along with validation of my soul and life purpose. Carla you are truly an amazing and gifted lady and I can’t wait for my complete soul realignment reading!

Love and blessing – Jacqueline, Gold Coast QLD

Jacqueline Travis - Holistic Harmony Gold Coast

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Carla Savannah for her time in doing a reading for me today. I was very impressed in how Carla delivered her reading and the info that came through. I could totally relate to everything Carla said. You are very gifted Carla and keep up your great work.

Amelia Davies - Reaching Forward Counselling Service

It was amazing to find out things about me I have known and done all my life without questioning and to have it explained to make sense. Carla is a true professional and does great work helping people become a better soul and fulfil their purpose here. Highly recommended

Ange Parker

Wow, I had my first alignment reading today and have to say that it was indeed very powerful. I didn’t really know what to expect and have to say it has exceeded my expectation. It was quite profound and has given me very clear answers that explain why I have done things the I have throughout my life. I have a way to clear some blocked energy consciously and already I’m looking forward to see how it changes my experience.

Thank you for your work Carla and the sharing of it. I certainly recommend anyone who is serious about finding out about themselves to go ahead and get a reading! In Gratitude 🙏🏼

Hilary Reading - Dog Grooming Services

Yesterday I had the most enlightening experience of my life and would love to share it with you guys. I was fortunate enough to have a Soul Realignment by Carla. I honestly was shocked how spot on her information was about what makes me feel truely aligned and happy but also what road blocks and restrictions I have stopping me from achieving my goals and desires. The process has been so eye opening for me I would definitely recommend this everyone. I feel humbled, excited, inspired to use all the information I have learnt from this experience to heal and move forward to live the life I ve always wanted knowing who I am and what my life purpose is. Thank you so much Carla. Words can't explain how much I am grateful for your help, information and guidance

Emilie Rimon - Align Within

I was amazed how gifted Carla is! Everything was 100% accurate. I was blown away when I asked her what my life’s purpose was and she quoted almost word for word what I have come to realise with my mentor over recent weeks! Highly recommend

Janelle Casey - Mindset Shifter

Hi just had a soul realignment with Carla this afternoon and WOW she was spot on.

If you are wondering what makes you tick, why are you here, I’m I heading the right direction or even need direction, you need to do this. Carla can help you clear the things that have been holding you back.

I guess everyone will have a different take on this but what I got from ithis was a clear picture of where I should he heading and if I do the small changes I need to do will get there. Thank you Carla, in such a short period of time you have answered so many questions, the detail that you go into was so amazing. Don’t hesitate JUST DO IT!

Estelle Malaxos

Wow worķing with Carla was just mind blowing. Receiving confirmation of what I already knew on a higher level was exactly what I needed. I feel lighter, clearer and more relaxed. I look forward to working with her more in the near future. Thank you Carla I am grateful to of crossed paths with you xx

Samy E - Holistic Wellness by Samy

Carla’s readings are beautifully explained, in depth and relative. I can honestly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed!!

Zeanna Vlahov - Personal Trainer

Today I received my realignment by Carla. Carla is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I came away with so much information, a lot that resonated deeply. The ability to share all this information in a caring, considerate way is truly a gift. The plan ahead to realign and begin a new life journey is exciting.

Thank you for today Carla

Margaret Anderson - Vinovinyasa Perth Yoga Instructor

I can't recommend Carla enough, I recently had a soul realignment and can honestly say it was absolutely spot on. Everything Carla said made complete sense, and was incredibly in tune with me and gave me not only some amazing insights but also some really awesome information on how to realise my life purpose and full potential. Highly recommended!

Andrea Breen

I can't recommend Carla enough, I recently had a soul realignment and can honestly say it was absolutely spot on. Everything Carla said made complete sense, and was incredibly in tune with me and gave me not only some amazing insights but also some really awesome information on how to realise my life purpose and full potential. Highly recommended!

Heather Bradley - Professional Tattooist and Artist

I was blown away by how accurate my soul reading was and gave me a huge insight into the person I am today .

Definitely recommend it to anyone who wonders what their life purpose and journey is.

Thank you so much Carla x

Kristi Carter

I kindly recommend Carla for the Soul realignment and not only. She did a soul realignment and a property realignment for me recently. It was a pleasant and an interesting experience for me. I was amazed on her accuracy of the findings. She was spot on! I would recommend to everyone who would like to know more about themselves, about their soul, about their purpose on this planet. Recommended to people who discovered spiritual awakenings and would like to follow a spiritual path. You helped me to find myself, my purpose and the path in this life. Looking forward for the next realignments. Thank you Carla xx

Dani Sterica

Carla is very intune. I love hearing her insights and advice and always appreciate her kind words and support. Highly recommend

Tess McGilvray - POP KULTURE health

I recently had a business analysis done by Carla, the information she imparted was very much relevant and accurate. carla is extremely knowledgeable and she has a warm and wonderful way about her. Thanks Carla

Lorraine Newman - Bringing Balance Kinesiologist

W😍W!!! I had my Soul Realignment this morning with Carla, and it was truly an amazing experience!!

Its taken me a few hours to digest all the valuable information shared, and I am sure to still be unpacking it for a long time to come 😊

Gratitude to you Carla, and the amazing service you provide. This was/is unlike anything I have experienced before. I highly recommend to anyone who seeks to better understand themselves and their purpose.

Thank you!

Caitlyn Jane

Was a wonderful, insightful experience that I will never forget. Highly recommended

Tania Smith - Social Work Government Dept

I received an in-depth Soul Realignment from Carla a few months ago and I was so surprised by how accurate her reading was and how helpful her guidance has been for me moving forward. I highly recommend the process to anyone wishing to understand more about their life and who they are. Carla is wonderful to work with.

Kristie Bradfield - Freelance Writer

I have known Carla for many years and very recently received a Soul Realignment. Carla embodies a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and I highly recommend her Soul Realignment to help put the pieces back together and bring deeper clarity for you life and path journey. We each come with our own gifts and due to human experiences we are open to many traumas, be it our own our soul attachment. Carla has the gift to help us back on track to live out our own Soul purpose for the greater good. Thank you Carla for this blessing

Jacqueline Bonshore - Alchemy Body Work

Carla's abilities and intuition are so accurate it is like she has been standing next to you watching your life unfold. Her warmth and compassion are immediately evident and you can feel how genuinely joyful she is knowing her work has helped you. Such a beautiful soul. I feel blessed to have met her <3

Claire Townsend

I had a Soul Realignment done with Carla a few months ago and it has been such a valuable experience in my life so far. Not only has it helped me to know and understand myself at soul level, it has made me understand my life and how I have come to decisions and chosen certain paths. I was truly stunned at how much Carla knew about me and my life and the ongoing guidance and support have been fantastic.

I have never felt like a I had a service then was left in the dark. Carla was always there to follow up with me and just check in.

I am so glad I decided to have a soul Realignment. It has been life changing to say the least.

Do yourself a favour and book one in, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks again Carla

Deb Mosca - Life Coach

If it was not for Carla working with my partner & I, we would not have managed to pull through such a tough time. Carla is thorough with her alignments & she relays all information out in a way you understand to your potential. She is incredibly passionate about what she does. If you are ever needing that boost in life with a clearer direction, a Soul Realignment is exactly what you need!

Bec Chandler - Personal Trainer - Feline Fitness & Australian Ninja Warrior contestant

I recently had a Soul Realignment reading with Carla.

I highly recommend a Soul Realignment with Carla. Carla is truly gifted and incredibly passionate about what she does and this is evident in the quality of the sessions she has with her clients.

Carla was intuitive, compassionate and showed genuine kindness when delivering my Soul Realignment reading.

She was on point with what she shared with me in my session. I have learnt a great deal about the conscious and subconscious patterns in my life. Carla had also created a personised clearing for deep seated soul issues and I am noticing amazing shifts.

Sonal Plush

Hi everyone I just wanted to Wow I experienced a soul realignment with Carla on Wednesday. Carla went thru so many aspects so many aspects resonated. The whole experience has given me an awakening to why I am here, what I came here to overcome and how past life patterns/programs have affected this lifetime. I have an abhorrent fear of dentists I should say had I’m working thru this now and Carla bought thru the why. If you are looking for answers, seeking more then I would thoroughly recommend booking a soul realignment with Carla and her amazing channeling guides. Blessing of gratitude Carla and your team of guides, much gratitude. Carol xx

Carol Richardson - Government Worker